Our Academy

Olé Futsal – A Brief History

Olé is a leading Futsal youth development academy based in London, England. Founded in 2014, the academy provides a variety of programmes and experiences that develop and nurture intelligent, technically efficient individuals. Whilst Olé has its sights firmly fixed on a successful and talented future we strive to create youth sessions that are friendly and sociable, making learning the game easy. Our biggest attribute are our teams of encouraging and dedicated coaches who provide enjoyable sessions for youth of all ages, constantly developing their skills and building confidence in each child, leading to invaluable social skills for whatever their future may hold.

Olé Futsal is tremendously proud of its success but it is a club that has its sights firmly fixed on its future. Olé Futsal considers the development of home-grown players a key element to the UK’s football strategy. With an effective franchise recruitment operation in place, Olé plays an integral role in the future success of the UKs youth development and the success of Olé Futsal by producing players capable of winning games at the highest levels of Futsal and Football.

Our player-centred ethos permeates everything we do. The aim of our coaching programme is to develop outstanding young people, not just footballers; we aim to create an environment that produces confident, self-assured young people. In addition to the on-the-pitch coaching programme, our players are also supported through a comprehensive personal development programme.