Frequently Asked Questions

What does my monthly subscription include?
The subscription fee is divided on a year period and includes a minimum of three and a maximum of five training sessions per month. 
It is therefore dependent on how many sessions fall within that month for your child’s session day.
Do the sessions continue throughout the year?
We are open for the entire year including the summer holiday. 
If my child misses a session can they attend an alternative?
Our subscription is based on a certain number of players per class. It is not possible to attend an alternative session without prior consent and permission from a member of staff.
When is my subscription due?
Upon joining the Academy you will be provided a payment date, this will be the same on each month throughout the course of the year.
Can my child pay as you play?
Our service does not include the option for pay as you play.
What Payment methods are accepted?
Online Transfers, standing orders, Direct Debits and Cash are accepted.
I have purchased a training kit, how long should it take?
From the date of payment you should expect to receive your child’s training kit within 2-4 weeks.
What’s included in the training kit fee?
Training Shirt, Shorts and Socks.
Do I have to buy a training kit?
Training Kit is compulsory and must be worn for every session your child attends.